BEST/STOQ partnership

BEST/STOQ partnership

12/28/2022 3:36

Nashville, TN

Building Entrepreneurs for Success in Tennessee (BEST) welcomes the StoQ Brothers to their team of curriculum experts and reentry coaches for justice-impacted inmates at the Debra K Johnson Rehabilitation Center in Nashville, TN.  On December 2nd, the STOQ Brothers launched the first of an 8-week series in Financial Education training class for the 16 women who are currently enrolled in the BEST program.  STOQ brothers Chadwick Germany, Lawrence Taylor, Anthony Dickerson, Otis Chandler, Robert Hatchett and Lee Molette will be on-site at the prison from December 2022 to March 2023 to provide weekly sessions that will prepare BEST program participants with the knowledge and skills they need to plan for successful reentry. 

BEST Executive Director, Dr. Gretchen Wolfe, states that “Integrating the StoQ Brothers’ program with BEST’s approach -- merging mental health and personal entrepreneurship – helps BEST participants to have a much broader understanding of the landscape of financial responsibility and planning they will experience when the gates open for them.”  The StoQ Brothers vision is to create growth, impact, and sustainable movements toward financial security for marginalized communities. They accomplish this mission by empowering students with financial knowledge and resources. Key concepts include: having a Growth Mindset; creating a vision for their personal and financial futures; how to create Smart short- and long-term goals; introduction to budgeting; and developing a plan to create generational wealth. 

Building Entrepreneurs for Success in Tennessee is in its 8th year of providing evidence-based programming that merges personal behavioral health and trauma recovery with practical applications of vocational skills and small business operations. 

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